DRB Music

Its finally here! GiDiLIVE caught up with the upcoming rap group “DRB” for an All-Access Interview. Check the session out below:

DRB Tracks

3feat – Got It All

DRB – I’m A Royal

DRB – Marry You

3feat – Resurrection of the MC

DRB – Take Off Your Clothes

DRB (Boj & Miss Didz) – You Are

DRB – She Likes To (GiDiLIVE Freestyle)

DRB – Be My Valentine

DRB – Aint I

DRB – Set Up Freestyle

DRB – Hooks n’ Bars

DRB – Getting some_ Invented Sex

DRB – Bedroom Love (Off The Hooks n’ Barz Mixtape) NEW!

DRB – Guy Like Me (Off The Hooks n’ Barz Mixtape) NEW!

DRB – Hold On (Off The Hooks n’ Barz Mixtape) NEW!

DRB – I Wanna Rock (Off The Hooks n’ Barz Mixtape) NEW!

DRB – I Want This (Off The Hooks n’ Barz Mixtape) NEW!

DRB – Im Ill (Off The Hooks n’ Barz Mixtape) NEW!

DRB – Fresh L: “Over” Freestyle WORLD PREMIERE!


80 Responses to “DRB Music”


  2. I love my boys. So proud of you guys 🙂 xx

  3. well done guys this is sick…………p

  4. DRB tohh badd!!
    love you guys!

  5. Sybe Edewor Says:

    Nice One .. Keep Doin Ur Thing

  6. **P-Lover** Says:

    DRB is amazing!! Keep doing what you do, because you definitely do it best!

  7. Ola Badiru- mr.president Says:

    you guys have tried o!
    well done!
    DRB goes hard!!!!!!

  8. Mr. Chioke(The Conj) Says:

    Big Ups…Keep doing your thing..Dont let anyone say u cant…Go Hard

  9. loving the new songs!! kinda obsessed with marry you 🙂

  10. dele akinkuotu(don delzz) Says:

    jst absolutely sick. keep d mic up..

  11. Well done guys. Absolutely love all the songs 🙂

  12. Feyi.K ~BoSs LaDy~ Says:

    I LOVE DRB!!
    No1 DRGroupie!!
    ❤ u guys!

  13. You guys have nice beats lyrics are alright but u’ll get better but try not to make the beat too high so we can hear what ur sayin properly like level stuff out nice beats still

  14. Well done guys! Really good stuff!

  15. Amazing guys!
    marry you!! major tune!
    keep going!

  16. Guys this is just sick… Its obviously a DRB thaing!!!
    Fuck DJ K… U tha BE$T!!
    Keep on ballin’!

  17. Terry Da Rapman Says:


  18. DRB! keep it up boys..Bless

  19. OsaZeme G.O Says:


  20. shayo 3feat okupe Says:

    thankyou on behalf of the group..we appreceate,your comments n criticism..

  21. this is bangin.nice work

  22. Tosan Mac Wiltshire Says:

    Im proud of you guys…
    still a DRB thing baby!!!!

  23. Namdy.Iheme Says:

    Well done DRB. More achievements to come.

  24. this is really sick…

  25. Thanx guys… Keep up wid d movement!
    Drb baby.. X

  26. loovvinggg this

  27. Future music is basically an understatment, this is different music, not the same ish you hear everyday. DRB, feeling the movement.

  28. ARIZA audu Says:

    tite…u guyz kippin it ril ova ther
    js dnt lose focus nd work harder

  29. Well Done .
    Where Can We Download Your Songs From ?

  30. Not bad, Really creative, you should try doing collabos soon though

  31. *cant say* Says:

    i love 3feat like am his biggest fan,….he is sooo hot…
    nice music guys.. u guys r doin well..

  32. im feelin it guys gud work

  33. tobenna fan Says:

    u guys are great keep it up…i love tobenna…..3feat comes hard..n tobi is cute

  34. Jalabi Ababiakar Says:

    I love this shit, am a drbm groupie

  35. Farouk Mutallab Says:

    This is the bomb!!!

  36. Well Done Guys. Excellent! 🙂

  37. really good ..
    btw where can i download your songs ?

  38. wow love u guys…i think im in love with teni….lol

  39. teni and 3feat aare sooo hot..i noo,,*blush*….i want 3feat hahah he is soooo…….good

  40. superDRB groupie Says:

    Drb is good.. well done boys
    freshl,tz,tobenna,tobi and 3feat, my lover. come get me boy, leave ama..shes nt ryt 4 u

  41. DRB THE BEST RAP GROup Too Maaad

  42. SESE,Mr.Barney Says:

    This Is Great
    Well done
    Where Can I donwload

  43. mr fly guy Says:

    marry you is the best song in the world……….it is also ma gudluck song….drb(best in the world)

  44. tobennas cousin Says:

    i am in love with she likes to….ma cousin tobenna…gudluck

  45. My Best is ‘Be my Valentine’!
    You guyz are really good.Keep doing what you do.

  46. Big Ups Guys..
    You should think about going pro
    Where do we download doe ?

  47. Naomi, Baby Chaos * Says:

    DRB (L)
    Bare P Guys !
    Big Up’s (Y)

  48. the bows!! Says:


  49. olisa maduegbuna Says:

    i love drb….my boy teezee,3feet,tobenna……ma boys holla…..ma names olisbaby

  50. jubril okoya Says:

    i love drb….my boy teezee,3feet,tobenna……ma boys holla…..ma names jumabrail

  51. HarajukuBarbie Says:

    (Y).. Marry You…

  52. HarajukuBarbie Says:

    um that freestyle at the end of the interview was siiiiiick! My best DRB thing so far. Better than all them somgs..

  53. U guyz are like so good. Love u guyz mehn xx

  54. Omg u guyz are like so amazing! I love u guyz mehn xx

  55. manuela unoarumhi Says:

    Omg u guyz are like so amazing! Love u guyz xx

  56. Lisa Smith Says:

    Boj baybieee

  57. LOVE my guys 🙂 will support you no matter what…Xx

  58. well done guys.really good work,likin the lyrics alot..i see you guys put in work on ur lyrics,3feat,tobenna,u come hard both of you…rest of u guys r dope aswell the balance is right in the group….nice 1

  59. Dead for 3feat….so HOT..hes got pink lips..n has mad sex appeal, even his voice…and fresh l is soooo fresh like so hot..like am a groupie..lol…nice songs guys am loving geting some DRB….but fresh l is startin to sound like 3feat on the tracks now…

  60. Mixtape OUT soon! Stay locked

  61. Love you guys but I think you should bring out your own beats.

  62. Hooks and Bars Definately Locked in for mixtape of the year.
    Deep Heat got your BACK DRB!!

  63. critic 102 Says:

    just heard the mixtape..very good.i love the word play
    live for gidi like d.awofisayo-tobenna,i no g’s that woukd shock you for ur watch-3feat, so fresh to death i might aswell die-fresh l, you guys are doin it.but to criticise one thing everyone came with fire on the mixtape, tee zee has definitly improved but it seems like u guys are holding 3feat back,hes the only one that dint fulfill his potential on the mixtape fully, he dint come with that hunger.he is raw and dangerous on the mic, dont hold him back.nice 1 guys

  64. Where Can We Get Your Mixtape??

  65. i have crush on teezee! the deep voice is so sexy..not only can he rap but he is fine! boj voice is sexy too ‘bolaji no frontiiin’. i love rap royal freestyle the french guy is real cool.my best line is ‘got more banter than boujis’ my husband.hehe xoxo

  66. TOBIAS IS A STAR..bedroom love is amazing and he killed take of ur clothes witht the ending. teezee and fresh l look alike both hot not sure who is fitter..tobennas hooks are sick!

    lunachick x

  67. i have a huge crush teezee or teni or black chuck bass wotever he is called! sexy voice same with bolaji! ‘GOT MORE BANTER THAN BOUJIS” hooks n bars hehe xoxo

  68. nice work guys keep it up al of you

  69. leye olanipekun Says:


  70. Absolutely love you guys, Tobenna’s Hooks come hard Fresh L bars are on point, Tobias Fantasy and Bedroom love is crazy!!!! Keep doing your thing guys xxxxxxxxxxx

  71. where can idownload all your songs
    imahuge fan

  72. Alessia Says:

    i love yhu lot so much……
    good workk!!!

  73. £feat Fan! Says:

    3feat is the GOD!!!! Fresh L And Tobenna Also come Hard!
    Drb The Best Group!
    All Songs Are Hits

  74. I'm gettin ladies like mexico gettin swine flu Says:

    I’m a huge fan of DRB….all i wanna do is 2 b at dat party….just kiddin
    pls i reli wanna know wer i can downlload d hooks and n=bars mixtape….i in love

  75. feelin dis

  76. The Truth Says:

    Teni Z & Tobias should e kicked outta this group, Fresh L is OKAY!

    3Feat & Tobenna are on FIRE!!!!!!!! As far as Im concerned they are the most talented.

  77. Tbh, this “truth” person hasn’t got a clue what they’re on about but please scroll up, no one else thinks so, so ur 1st sentence is wrong!!! DRB is mad as it is!!


  78. I wanted to call myself "im getting ladies like mexico's getting swine flue"...but oh well Says:

    I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    allow the haters joh!
    they’re meant to be there
    you are ALL faackin fiiit….girls included
    keep doing this
    God bless
    Mwah! x

  79. Tobbie_onas Says:

    DRB goes hard!!
    inspiration 4 upcoming drb wanabes
    keep doing it big

  80. just heard the new bedrock i lovvveee Tobenna and Zay’s part, Tobias’s is cute! 3 feat and Fresh go hard. where can i download your songs?

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