Exclamations Couture Presents the Zebra Collection

Nigerian womenswear designers have made incredible strides over the last decade. Having built strong brands and gained commercial success, it seems as though things just keep getting better. Menswear has not enjoyed the same attention and growth. However, there seems to be a rising crop of Menswear designers that might give the segment the jolt that it needs.

One of the forerunners is Exclamations Couture led by designer Babajide “Babs” Familusi aka FAB. Born on January 25th, 1978 and raised in Lagos, He is believed to be a reincarnation of his grandfather who was a tailor and passed away a few weeks before he was born!

A graduate of Kings College and University of Lagos, FAB established Exclamations Couture in 2001. Mostly self-taught, the young designer used his background in the Sciences to do research in Fabric, Fit and Finishing to create winning pieces. The first shirt that was ever produced was mistaken for a Jermyn Street product! With the applause and exclamations that came from clients, friends and family, the brand was born! Exclamations Couture has since focused on setting the standards for the tailoring of Shirts and Suits in Africa.

The designer unveiled a new collection in London; The collection was inspired by the simplicity and sharpness of Black & White, hence the name ‘Zebra’. Fabrics including wool, cashmere and other unique fabric blends were sharply tailored to create an outstanding collection that personifies in ‘the London meets Lagos Bloke’.
Exclamations Zebra Collection Bella Naija0008

Exclamations Zebra Collection Bella Naija0007Exclamations Zebra Collection Bella Naija0005Exclamations Zebra Collection Bella Naija0006Exclamations Zebra Collection Bella Naija0009Exclamations Zebra Collection Bella Naija0010Exclamations Zebra Collection Bella Naija0011Exclamations Zebra Collection Bella Naija0012Exclamations Zebra Collection Bella Naija0013Exclamations Zebra Collection Bella Naija0014Exclamations Zebra Collection Bella Naija0015


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