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TV – Welcome to Lagos: Episode 1!

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Three-part observational documentary series which explores life at the sharp end of one of the most extreme urban environments in the world: Lagos, Nigeria. Today, more than half the world’s population live in cities, and this eye-opening series shows what life is really like in some of the toughest parts of the world’s fastest growing megacity.

The first episode uncovers life in the Olusosun rubbish dump. Here, around 1000 people live on top of the rubbish in houses built from scrap. The film follows the daily lives of two men who have become skilled at turning rubbish into gold. Eric, aka Vocal Slender, is a musician, and every bit of scrap he finds brings him one step closer to his dream of launching his music career, but a serious fight nearly ruins his chances.
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BBC Documentary: Blood And Oil!

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Episode 1:

Four oil workers are kidnapped from an oil installation in a remote part of the Niger Delta, Nigeria. One of them is Mark Unwin. Back in the UK, his wife Claire is assured by his employers Krielson International that his speedy release is just a formality. Mend, the militant group responsible, depend on the ransoms to finance their operation – so the workers are always returned alive and in good health. Nonetheless, Claire travels to Nigeria – against the advice of the Foreign Office.

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David Beckham, Wayne Rooney & England Football Team join James Cordon for BBC Sport Relief Spoof!

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James Cordon AKA Smithy was joined by the best of the British sporting world for a hilarious BBC Sport Relief spoof.

Sketches included a bath and bed scene with David Beckham, a tennis match with Andy Murray & an aerobics class with the England football team plus many more cameos…

Video| South Park Spoof Tiger Woods!

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Season 14 premiere of South Park took place last night.

South Park spoofed Woods now infamous fight with his wife Elin and the apology.

Tiger Woods On South Park!

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South Park, creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker will take aim at the Tiger Woods scandal, The Huffington Post reports. A recently-released image shows an animated version of Tiger’s apology press conference, with Cartman by his side.

“It’s such an important issue in America right now — the sex addiction outbreak,” Stone said. “We’re all really concerned about him and hope he gets better.”

“There’s a delicacy in talking about [Woods] that we don’t have to worry about,” he added. ’South Park’ has never strayed away from hot button issues.

Video| Lady Gaga On Jonathan Ross!

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lady-gaga-jonathan-ross-2.jpg image by yuckokcuy

Check out Lady Gaga on the Jonathan Ross show – this is the second time the pop star has appeared on the show.

Besides being interviewed, Gaga performed ‘Brown Eyes’ and ‘Telephone’

You can view her performances under the cut!

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Chile Earthquake 2010 Pictures!

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A massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake capable of tremendous damage struck central Chile early Saturday, shaking the capital for a minute and a half and setting off a tsunami. Buildings collapsed and phone lines and electricity were down, making the extent of the damage difficult to determine.

The death toll has reached close to 300, with more expected.

The quake hit 200 miles southwest of the capital, Santiago, at a depth of 22 mile at 3:34 a.m.

The epicenter was just 70 miles from Concepcion, Chile’s second-largest city, where more than 200,000 people live along the Bio Bio river, and 60 miles from the ski town of Chillan, a gateway to Andean ski resorts that was destroyed in a 1939 earthquake.

An Associated Press Television News cameraman said some buildings collapsed in Santiago and power was out in parts of the city. Phone lines were either down or busy, making confirmation of damage difficult elsewhere, especially further south toward the epicenter. The quake was felt in Argentina as well.

After Saturday’s tragedy in Chile, here are some photos that tell the tale of this horrific catastrophe.

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