Billionaire Boy’s LiveBox

Hey everyone,

since my blog isnt really a personal one, i thought i’d make it a bit more personal for the holidays, due to the fact that i wont be blogging as much! I have linked up with, and from my Blackberry device i can provide LIVE STREAMS of whatever i am upto (Cool huh?). This is the first time anyone has used this application in such a manner, as this application is fairly new….Go get yours!

[qik user="rocadapo" width="425" height="319"]

Due to the fact that nothing can be rehearsed or edited, ill just throw in a little disclaimer! In case of any use of derogatory words by myself or anyone in the stream, my apologies! I will try to ensure this is as clean as possible (yeah! lol).

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope 2010 comes with all the best it can bring!



One Response to “Billionaire Boy’s LiveBox”

  1. Moshood Edewor Says:

    BB! I def see you stunting… Your head big for this video doe! LOL
    Which babe were u trying to arrange on the flight?

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