Michael Jackson recording “We Are The World” in rare footage!

Check out this adorable footage of The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, laying down his vocals for the historic “We are the World” in 1985. The 10-minute long footage shows perfectionist Michael, constantly re-recording his vocals and pulling some dance moves in between takes.

Click under the cut for the full video from the original “We are the World” as well as the new re-worked version produced by super producer Red One.


2 Responses to “Michael Jackson recording “We Are The World” in rare footage!”

  1. i like the original the best,it had a little more heart and soul in it. the artist that were in the first were a extremely talented group of people who fit together,and made it awesome,to anyone who cared to listen. in the new one ,there were strong and weak points,celiene was a strong point,she has a amazing voice. i love music of all kinds, but this song represents a cry for help for the world and requires the seriousness of that point. i think it is a great thing that so many came together and used this wonderful song once again,it shows a kindness of heart,and i respect that,but i like the original better

  2. This was so cute. It still stings to know that he is not walking around this earth. Gone too soon. Seeing these images are great though.

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