Trey Songz in New Movie + Added to Blueprint 3 Tour!

Trey Songz will join fellow R&B stars, Letoya Luckett and Tank in the new upcoming film “The Preacher’s Kid”, which opens on January 29th.

He recently went into detail about his role:

“I got a small role in a movie entitled The Preacher’s Kid. It’s Wendy Williams’ movie, I did a small role in that. LeToya Luckett’s in it, Tank is starring in it as well. LeToya Luckett’s actually The Preacher’s Kid and she runs astray and I’m a man out of her past that comes through briefly and we chat it up. She’s dealing with another man at the time and I’m married. We just see each other briefly and we chop it up real quick. In the Wendy Williams’ movie, I play a pivotal role as the first DJ to ever put her on air.”

The film will be initially released in 33 markets including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

For more info on the film and to watch the trailer, log on to


Trey has also been added to Jay-Z’s “Blueprint 3” Tour which launches February 20th.

Wow, Trey Songz is really blowing up this year! From #1 singles to movies, he is really doing it up! We look forward to seeing what’s next for him.


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