Talib Kweli On Jay-Z “Illuminati” Claims!

Since the premiere of Jay-Z’s new video, more conspiracy theories have accused Hov of being involved with the Illuminati. This morning on Twitter, Talib shared his thoughts on the propaganda.

Check below for a Youtube Video Creators analysis of the Jay-Z video for ‘On To The Next One’.

What are your thoughts? Obviously the video creator believes Jay-Z is a Freemason….No Comment!


3 Responses to “Talib Kweli On Jay-Z “Illuminati” Claims!”

  1. Has any one thought that perhaps the director is the free mason they are the ones that come up with the theme and concept however am not saying there was no input from Hov, perhaps he know these rumors or whatever r flying around and perhaps he uses the subtle references to free masonic lifestlye in the videos to raise speculations and get more people talking, watching, buying just to speculate or more reviews on the video whatever be it truth or not more pple are paying attention there is no such thing as bad publicity, but the fact still remains as for me Hov is a 9 year old kid from marcy who made it rappin! its not hard to see why he is so popular he the best wrapper alive! wh y does it have to go beyond his rap is that not what you buy, its not like if hov says go ond jump of a building people are going to jump off the building people should concentrate on grime rappers that chat lines like “worshp the devil red is my best colour” some guy from so solid in 21 secs lol

  2. Damn! There is nothing like putting things in his videos to make the rumour go on…He knows exactly what he is doing. For example are you going to act like you are a devil worshipper because you want publicity, are you going to do things that are racist because you want publicity…NO! Hell No. Then why would you act like you are one if you ain’t one. Wise Up People and Stop Being Daft and Defending Him. He can defend himself if he wants to, he has probably heard the rumour going round and he decided he will not speak on it. Kanye Already Said ” I Gave My Soul To The Devil I Know It Was A Crappy Dead // But At Least It Came With A Few Toys Like A Happy Meal “…its time for Sean Knowles-Carter to admit that shit too.

  3. Sweet Details I adore most of the articles that have been written, and especially the comments posted! I am going to come back!

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