Rihanna Donates $2.3million To Charity!

The Barbadian singer who became ubiquitous for her summer smash “Umbrella” in 2007 quickly became a pop star and fashion world muse. All the better for UNICEF, the international children’s aid organization which tapped the musical wonder girl to be the face of its first campaign highlighting its collaboration with Gucci in 2008. The campaign became something of a viral hit, generating more than 1 million results on the Internet. Previously Rihanna had performed at one of UNICEF’s fundraisers, which culminated in $5.5 million in donations. “We have a celebrity, a very famous face, together with the entire organization of UNICEF and Gucci,” said Gucci’s creative director. “With those three elements together, we want to surprise people, to impact people’s hearts.” Rihanna also created The Believe Foundation in 2006 to help needy children.

Breakdown: TV ($738,243), Print ($507,500), Internet ($1,060,000), Personal donations (undisclosed)

Annual Impact: $2,305,743


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