GiDiLIVE’s Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums Of The Year!

There were a lot of albums that were released this year.   Some were great and some didn’t even live up to the hype.  Here’s our top 10.  PEEP BELOW:

1. Jay Z “Blueprint 3”

We all know no matter how old Hov gets, his albums are always timeless and the Blueprint 3 Proved that.

2. Rick Ross “Deeper Than Rap”

No matter what you say about Rick Ross and these whole fraud accusations of him being a police officer we all know he makes good music & “Deeper Than Rap” is defitinitley a top 10 album of 2009.

3. Kid Cudi “Man On The Man”

Kid Cudi came out of nowhere with a sound to shake the world. With his singing melodies and dope raps his album is defitnitley a top 10 album of 2009.

4. Wale “Attention Deficit”

Coming out of the top 10 freshman list Wale was one of the 10 to make a big impact this year with a single featuring Lady Gaga. Even though it didnt do numbers “Attention Deficit” is defitnitley a top 10 album of 2009.

5. Raekwon “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II”

This one came out of nowhere. Rap Legend Raekwon defitnitly dropped one of the hottest albums this year keeping the Wu-tang name alive.

6. Clipse “Til The Casket Drops”

Even though this album was just recently released its safe to say that the Clipse are still 2 of the hottest Mc’s in the game especially with 3 hot albums consistenly.

7. Gucci Mane “The State Vs. Radric Davis”

Guccis been going hard for years and hasnt got any recognition until this year. With the biggest buzz of the year not including drake we can all say Gucci has been doing his thing. To top it off his album is defitnitley a banger!

8. Fabolous “Loso’s Way”

Fab’s been around for years and has been one of the nicest rappers in the game since hes came into it. Even though he’s under rated this album proved everybody wrong because this gotta be his best album yet!

9 & 10. Chris Brown “Grafitti” & Rihanna ” Rated R”

I had to put these last 2 together. With so much drama around them im surprised they could both come out with such hot albums, But i guess when your talking about each other it makes the album feel much more real.


3 Responses to “GiDiLIVE’s Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums Of The Year!”

  1. Mohammed Shola Yusuf Says:

    BLUEPRINT 3 has recorded d most return back sales

  2. I know music Says:

    Oga this ure list is mad flawed though, where is slaughterhouse? relapse? blueprint 3 should be at the bottom of that list. royce da 5 “9’s street hop EP?…Gucci mane? ahn ahn!

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