Lady Gaga to perform for the Queen!

bungalow 8 nightclub 290109

Gaga will be performing for the Queen on December 7th in the Royal Variety Show but she has no plans to tone it down. “I’m sure it’ll be some latex fashion venture,” she told ‘Extra’ of her planned outfit. “She called me for a reason. She wants a good Gaga show.” The singer joked that she’s had experience with queens of her own. “I am ready for the queen. [Even though] I have enough queens every night for a lifetime!”

In related Gaga news; Gaga revealed to E Online! that she doesn’t mind Britney Spears rejecting her song.‘Telephone’ which features on Gaga’s new release was originally written for Britney. ”I wrote it for her a long time ago and she just didn’t use it for her album – it’s fine because I love the song and I get to perform it now.”

And if you want even more Lady Gaga news, go under the cut to see Gaga talking to MTV News about her biggest fear.

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