Eminem On “X Factor” As A Judge?

Could you even imagine? Eminem sitting between Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh… Seriously?

We probably shouldn’t even entertain this story but ‘apparently’ Eminem wants to be a guest Judge on X Factor and has even nominated Dr Dre as a guest judge too…. yes Dr Dre!

Eminem ‘reportedly’ said “No disrespect to the current judges but you need people who are global, platinum-selling stars. You need to prepare contestants for what it’s really like out there, and what sort of pressure you are going to be under.” He continued: “So much average talent comes out of these reality shows, it’s time to give people a chance who deserve it.”

“A hip-hop star will never win a show like The X Factor without somebody like me on the panel.”There are a lot of very talented hip-hop stars who would kill for a break in Britain but the judges aren’t qualified in hip-hop. I keep my eye on the urban scene in Britain and there is a lot of talent out there. It needs somebody in power to open a door for them.”

“I am not sure I would have the time to do it full-time, but I would come and be a guest judge. Simon tells it like it is and I am down with that. If somebody ain’t good enough they ain’t good enough.”


what do you think?


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